Here are the steps of the registration:

Setup base station to be used with Ascom handsets and Swyxware

  • Create an additional user
    • Enter name, number, access code (AC), and IPEI of device
    • Save settings
    • User is shown without registration (DECT)
  • Start Konftel 300Wx
  • Go to Menu > Settings > DECT > PARK > Enable
  • Go to Menu > Settings > DECT > Register
    • Enter the AC from created user as PIN code in the Konftel 300Wx.
    • Enter the 3rd Pty PARK (shown in Ascom base station administration on users overview)
    • Device will register to the system
  • Create an additional user in Swyxware using the credentials from created users in Ascom base station
    • Swyxware user should be registered