Panasonic NS1000/NS700 – NS0154 IP-CS v2+

The Konftel will register straight away as DECT extension.

Calls to the Konftel work fine.

The konftel unit continually looks for signal, even though it’s close to the Cell Station.

Calls from the Konftel to other extensions or outside lines are not possible. The Konftel gives error of No DECT signal available.

I raised this with Panasonic Japan.

They suggested downgrading the IP-CS NS0154 to v1.36 which had a different sync method.

I downgraded via the NS web portal.

The Signal is now always full on Konftel and calls to and from the device work perfectly.

Panasonic Reply ------------

We are considering a countermeasure.

However, there may be bad side-effect caused by countermeasure.

We can see the problem on Konftel 300W only at this moment.

We are sorry to say, if customer want to use Konftel 300W, please use NS0154V1.36 firmware.

For preventing up-date to NS0154V2, please turn off automatic up-date for NS0154.

Also, if someone register new PS and Konftel 300W does not work correctly, please make sure to downgrade any NS0154 to V1.36 for using Konftel 300W.