With Konftel Cam50 you can set different presets via the remote control. 

To set a preset you just press the "Preset"-button on the remote followed by a number. 

For example "Preset" then press "2". 

This will save current camera position and zoom level (PTZ position) to preset memory 2. 

To recall this preset you press button "2" on the remote.

There are some special presets on the camera which can be useful. 

If you press the Home-button on the remote it will go to position 0,0,0 (pointing forward horizontal and vertically fully zoomed out).

If you set preset 0 it will be the position Konftel Cam50 will go to when it's powered on.

If you have standby mode activated (which will occur after 5 minutes of inactivity) Konftel Cam50 will return to previous position prior to going to standby. 

If you use Konftel Cam50 in our video kits this is most likely what will happened when connecting a laptop with the Konftel OCC hub cable.