Yes, you can upgrade the Konftel OCC hub.

What you will need is a USB 3.0 cable between the PC and the hub for upgrade to work.

See the difference between the B-side between USB 2.0 and 3.0. The USB B side with USB 3.0 plug is the bigger one to the right in this below picture. The cable is only needed for upgrading the hub. You can use the original orange cable as normal after upgrading the hub.

Please use this link:

Open the file and run the TEST_DU3227D2_1071_V2.9_HubIspTool_Install_20220119 installation and restart the computer.

From the start menu run Usb3HubFWUpgrade and wait for the upgrade application to start. 

Make sure to have only the Konftel OCC hub connected. 

No other docking stations or hubs.

The application will find the OCC hub. 

Click on Start upgrade. Wait for upgrade complete.

After the update is completed you can check the new firmware version.

Click  Scan device to see the new FW version, it should be 1071 when the update is completed.