Follow this guide on how to update your Konftel 800.


Using a USB flash drive (for version 1.0.5 and later)

In order to do the upgrade via USB flash drive you need to have version or later. 

Please follow the steps below on how to upgrade.

  1. Put for example the latest software on a FAT32/NTFS formatted USB flash drive. 
  2. Name the file upgrade.kt
  3. Go to "home" screen on Konftel 800.
  4. Insert USB flash drive in Konftel 800 (right side next to the screen).
  5. Unit will ask you to start the upgrade. Press OK
  6. Upgrade completes 

Via web interface

Log in to the web interface of Konftel 800. Use this procedure to log in to the web interface of your Konftel 800. 

You can access the web interface only if you set the administrator password for your phone. 

Obtain the IP address and the administrator password that you have chosen. 

If you have lost the password follow this guide. 

IP-Address can be found by navigating to "Settings => Status" on the phone.

  1. Open a web browser, type the IP address of your phone in the following format: (replace with IP address of your phone)
  2. Enter password in the Password field.
  3. Click Login to log in to the web server of your Konftel 800.
  4. Then follow the steps below to upgrade
    1. Download latest software version
    2. Log in to the web interface, select Provisioning.
    3. Go to the Firmware section.
    4. Under Firmware upload, click the Choose file button.
    5. Locate and select the downloaded file. You can see the name of the chosen file near the Choose file button.
    6. Click Save

For more info read the Administration and Installation Guide

This guide is for advanced users that need to upgrade Konftel 800 without having any local network or internet connection.

You will need the following

  • Konftel PoE-injector.
  • PC with LAN-port.
  • Konftel 800.
  • Two network cables.
  • A locally saved Konftel 800 firmware file.
  • Also make sure that you have an administrator password set on the Konftel 800 to be able to access the web interface.

 Follow the steps below

  1. Connect the Konftel 800 to the PoE-injector using the port marked with POE.  Also plug the PoE-injector to wall power. This will give the Konftel 800 power.
  2. Connect the PC LAN port to the PoE-injector port marked LAN. This will create a local LAN connection between the Konftel 800 and the PC.
  3. The next step is to set a static IP to both the Konftel 800 and the PC.
    On the Konftel 800: Go to Settings > Admin Login > Enter login password > Network.
    Here you disable DHCP by pressing on the DHCP slider so it goes from green to grey.
    Also check the Static IP settings by pressing on Static IP. Make sure that IP is set to
    Press on the arrow back button in the top left corner a couple of times until the unit restarts.
    Once the unit has restarted it is now set with a static IP.

    Now we need to set a Static IP on the PC. There are many good guides for this. One example how to do this is found here:

    The important part here is to set the IP to the same range as the Konftel 800. So set the IP on the PC to Also make sure that the subnet mask is the same on the PC and the Konftel 800. Also the Default gateway. Make sure that the settings are saved.
  4. Once these units have a static IP you can open a web browser on the PC and enter this address: and press enter. This should take you to a security warning page. "The connection is not safe" or similar message. Click on advanced (In Chrome or Edge browser) to be able to continue to the IP. It will say that it is not safe, that is not a problem in this case.
  5. Use the admin login password to access the web interface settings
  6. In the top, click on Provisioning and look for Firmware Upload and browse file.
  7. Select the firmware file that you previously have downloaded and scroll down and click on the green save button.
  8. This should start the update process.
  9. Wait for the upgrade to finalize and for the Konftel 800 to restart. After that, you can close the browser and the update is finished and the unit is ready for use. 
  10. Check the firmware version under Settings > Status on the Konftel 800 to confirm a successful update.
  11. If you want to set the IP back from Static to automatically receive an IP (DHCP) you can do that. Both on the PC and on the Konftel 800. This is to prevent any issues with the internet connection for future connectivity.

Automatic update to latest version (using device management)

If phone is able to connect to internet but you can not access the web interface on the device you can use Konftel services to keep the device software up to date. 

With this solution the phone will check for new releases each hour.

Go Settings > Admin Login (if admin password is set) > "Device Management" and set "Provisioning Server" to:

Go back to home menu and Konftel 800 will reboot and upgrade after a couple of minutes.