Workaround 1

This is related to issues with Intel driver for Smart Sound Technology. This issue will cause problems with all connected USB audio devices to your PC.

To solve this issue you can upgrade Konftel 800 to the latest release.

Read below article on how to upgrade your Konftel 800.

How to upgrade Konftel 800

Workaround 2

It is possible to disable "Intel® Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio" in your laptop to avoid Konftel 800 to stop working.

If you experience issues with Konftel 800 connected with USB to your laptop or that Konftel 800 user interface freezes (or crashes) when connected with USB, follow the steps below.

  • Open "Device Manager" on your PC
  • Expand "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" category
  • Select Intel® Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio
  • From the Intel® Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio pop-up window select the “Driver” Tab Click on “Disable Device”

In some cases you need to downgrade the drivers and in some you may need to update them (check with your PC vendor how to do change driver version) .

We are working on a new release to fix this issue, but for now you can use the above steps as a workaround.