Please follow the guide below.

Step 1: Judge if the camera upgrade failed. 

When the device upgrade fails unexpectedly, "USB download gadget" will appear in the Windows device management, which means that the device status has been abnormal and needs to be upgraded by DFU to restore; as shown in the figure, the exclamation mark  is displayed due to the driver is not installed.


Step 2: Install the driver.

1. Judge whether the driver need to be installed.
As shown in the first step, if the "USB download gadget" with an exclamation mark appears, it is because the driver has not been installed, and the driver needs to be installed;
2. Double-click to run the driver installer.
3. Follow the instructions on the page to install.
4. Wait for the installation complete.
5. Driver installation finish.
6. Check the device manager, and you can see the device "USB download gadget" under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, without exclamation mark .


Step 3: Use DFU to upgrade the camera.

1. Double-click to run "dfu_upgrade.bat" in the DFU upgrade package;
2. Wait for DFU upgrade finish; 
  1. After waiting for 2-3 minutes, enter the device management to check whether the device can be recognized normally and whether the picture can be output normally.

DFU upgrade file can be found here:

Camera driver:

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